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Casa Modena is a company, a master in the preparation of cured meats and its Tenderoni based on cooked ham is loved by the whole family. From the classic cooked ham, loved by the Italians, they have obtained this delicacy, with a delicate taste. A different and delicious way to eat cooked ham, one of the most consumed cured meats in Italy, which is loved by young and old and is very versatile in the kitchen.

Served alone, with a side dish of carrot salad, songino or a delicate corn salad, they can also be used to prepare tasty, delicious and elaborate burgers and sandwiches. Stuff your sandwich with Teneroni, after having cooked them in a pan for 5 minutes, salad, slices of smoked scamorza cheese and crispy bacon. A gourmet sandwich, to delight the palate of the whole family. Use the chunks of cooked ham burger to season the quinoa, cooked in salted boiling water, for 12 minutes, together with chunks of asiago and cherry tomatoes.

It is an Italian product, prepared with meat from European countries and milk proteins, without gluten and added glutamate, which must be cooked before being eaten. The paper used for the packaging comes from sustainably and responsibly managed forests, FSC certified and goes to the paper collection and the recyclable plastic goes to the plastic collection, according to the rules of your municipality.

Casa Modena Teneroni lend themselves to various uses: they can be eaten alone, as a second course, they can be cut into cubes and used to prepare various dishes or to prepare tasty sandwiches and hamburgers. You can also use them to prepare canapés with a spread of Genoese pesto and chunks of Tenerone.

To make meals fun and delicious for you and your family, remember to add Casa Modena Teneroni l'Originale 150 g to your digital shopping cart and find out how many different ways you can enjoy this gastronomic specialty. Then store them in the refrigerator and prepare them in minutes.

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