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The juice of concentrated orange Conad derives al 100% from oranges , with only the addition of ascorbic acid, to keep it better. A refreshing drink, in a convenient 1 liter brick. You can savor all the taste of oranges, at room temperature. Or put it in the fridge to enjoy fresh. Ideal to drink at breakfast, together with toast and jam, with a coffee next to it or to break up the day. A natural pleasure to drink when you want.

Conad is committed to offering you quality products, with its careful selection of raw materials, manufacturing companies and further checks, to give you only the best to bring to the table every day. 100 ml of product contain only 39 calories , suitable for a low-calorie diet. It also contains fiber and protein.

All the taste of oranges, carefully squeezed and put in a brick , so that you can drink them whenever you feel like it, without having to dirty a juicer or kitchen worktop. An orange juice always at hand, easily resealable thanks to the cap. You just have to shake and drink!

The packaging is ecological and aseptic , in FSC tetra pack, which protects all the goodness of orange juice. The cardboard comes from responsibly managed sources that respect the environment. You can keep it in a cool, dry place. Once the brick has been opened, place it in the refrigerator and consume it within a few days. Throw the brik in the mixed material and the cap in the plastic collection.

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