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100% Exotic 1 l Conad is a refreshing and natural juice that comes from the meeting of 10 tasty exotic fruits giving life to a drink with a high thirst-quenching power, pleasant to sip throughout the day.

To delight the palate there is nothing better than a glass of tropical fruit juice. With its intense flavour, Conad juice is suitable for the preparation of fruit-based cocktails and aperitifs, the perfect drink to celebrate moments of conviviality in the company of your friends.

With no added sugar, Conad juice contains only the goodness of fruit and for this reason it can be drunk by young and old. It contains a high content of vitamins and mineral salts, capable of giving vitality to the body and keeping it perfectly hydrated.

The caloric intake is very low, only 45 calories per 100 ml of product, excellent to drink even in the case of a controlled diet.

The mix of exotic fruit is perfectly balanced, delighting the taste buds with its aromatic and delicate flavour. Only the sweetness of the fruit is felt on the palate.

Its scent is very inviting and on the hottest days it offers refreshment from the summer heat. The 100% Exotic Conad juice proves to be a valid alternative to fruit smoothies and centrifuges, to be sipped at breakfast to start the day with the right energy. It makes breaks sweeter, a cuddle to indulge in from time to time during the day. Drunk in winter it helps to forget the cold outside, foretelling the return of the warm season.

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