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A fruit juice with a particular taste, which Conad has created by carefully selecting the manufacturing companies and carrying out rigorous additional checks before being put on sale. The drink does not contain colourings, preservatives or added sugars: it is ideal for quenching your thirst at any time of the day or for a light breakfast, and is also suitable for those who follow special diets or diets, thanks to the almost total absence of fats and due to low calorie content.

Grapefruit juice from concentrate is gluten-free and is excellent to be enjoyed during an aperitif, in combination with canapés. According to personal tastes, a little sparkling wine or sweet sparkling wine can be added to the fruit juice, to obtain a lively drink with a unique taste, and to toast to some special occasion.
It is a product that lends itself well to being consumed by those who play sports, by virtue of the almost total absence of fats and sugars: take it with you in a container to give yourself a break during training, or to quench your thirst at the end of the physical activity.

Fruit juice can be useful for facilitating fat consumption: thanks to its properties, it will be particularly appreciated by those who keep an eye on their figure and calorie intake.
Take it with you to the beach inside a fridge bag to always enjoy it fresh, or have fun using it as a base for delicious iced cocktails!

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