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Mulino Bianco has carefully selected durum wheat semolina and extra virgin olive oil to prepare its Pan Bauletto, using only natural ingredients of Italian origin. Durum wheat semolina is the main ingredient in the dough for this soft bread, from which it also receives its characteristic colour, tending towards yellow, typical of semolina and also its rich taste. From the union of semolina with extra virgin olive oil, a soft bread with an unmistakable color and flavor is born.

All the goodness that you feel in every bite of this bread derives from the attention and care of each stage of production, to give you a loaf of bread that you can eat on any occasion. You can toast it in the morning and spread a layer of jam on top, or you can make toast for a snack. They are excellent for lunch, for a quick meal, adding a slice of cooked ham and mozzarella, for example, or with tuna and tomato. In a few minutes you will have enjoyed a complete and quick meal. You can invent all the fillings you want to fill the durum wheat bread box. For its processing, Mulino Bianco purchases 100% of the electricity from renewable sources, to do its part for a sustainable future. You can find out more by visiting the website

You can keep the package in a cool, dry place, remembering to close it well with its strap. The package can be disposed of in the plastic collection, while the string in the undifferentiated. It is a product that contains wheat, barley and may contain milk, sesame, soy, nuts and eggs, treated with ethyl alcohol on the surface.

100% Italian
Separate collection helps nature PP 5 - Wrapping - Plastic collection C/FE 92 - Closing strap - Metal collection

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