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The Bitter red certainly is a great classic . Almost everyone knows that it owes its name to the bitter note of its bouquet (from the English "bitter" which means "bitter"), but few are aware of the fact that it owes its bright and lively color to a small animal that feeds of the sap of the succulent plants and which, to protect itself from predators, secretes a floury substance, the Carmine of Cochineal, the basis of its preparation.

Used in ancient times in medicine as a revitalizing curative potion, red Bitter is today a must among other beverages on every festive table . Served smooth it is the perfect aperitif for those who are teetotaler , but above all it is the fundamental ingredient in the recipes of the now very famous Italian cocktails like the Spritz, the Negroni, the wrong Negroni.

Cheerful and light (61 kcal per 100 ml bottle), it immediately makes one think of summer but is gratifying and witty at any time of the year. And, if he marries divinely with a slice of orange , it goes very well with the salty peanuts, olives and chips.

To refresh yourself, to tone you up, to take away a whim, to offer your guests a sparkling and tasty drink, for chatting on the terrace with friends, to accompany a pizza and a canapé during a little party at home, for every drink you have, it counts on the 100 ml Conad red Bitter.

Among the Conad-branded carbonated soft drinks, the red Bitter could certainly not be missing. Could it possibly be missing in your fridge?! Obtained with a careful selection of supplier companies and with rigorous additional checks, it is a quality product .

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