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The containers can be used to store leftover foods in the fridge or freezer and to consume them later, or when you want to cook something in the oven and you don't want to use trays to wash: you can throw the trays after using them, or you can clean them and use them again for a second use.

THE Conad frost hot aluminum containers they are ideal for containing foods at high temperatures, both in terms of cooking and conservation. They are ultra-resistant and easily stackable, you can keep them in the pantry and use them when you need them.
They are ideal for preparing small portions of timbale or lasagne, or vegetable flans: you will have all the convenience and practicality of a container made to measure for your preparation, furthermore cooking will have nothing to envy to that usually done in oven pans.
The Two-portion Conad aluminum trays lend themselves very well to cooking meat, roasted fish , vegetables au gratin, which can easily be divided and distributed when you have lunch or dinner with your partner.

You can place the food directly in the Conad container or, if you want to keep it for further use and want to avoid washing it, you can insert a sheet of parchment paper between the aluminum foil and the food to be cooked.

The Conad ice-warm containers are of course also ideal for storing leftover or uncooked dishes in the fridge or freezer: the presence of lids allows you to seal the container and keep the food protected from external agents.
Practical and comfortable, they are the help you are looking for when you need to prepare or store your favorite foods. 

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