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Corn is part of the Conad Steamed Cotto line, ideal for those looking for a light and natural product that preserves mineral salts and vitamins thanks to delicate cooking, which respects all the characteristics of the food.
Vegetables and legumes combine the pleasure of a delicious and tasty dish with the guarantee of a healthy and simple diet. Conad corn is a 100% Italian product, harvested at the right degree of ripeness and processed and packaged within the day to keep its flavor unaltered.
Already cooked and ready for use, it gives you the unmistakable flavor of the earth's products every day: it is rich in fibre, and thanks to its natural sweetness it goes well with an incredible variety of delicious dishes, from rich and colorful salads to first courses light and tasty dishes.

You can use corn to create appetizing appetizers, for example with shrimps and pink sauce, or bread boats with mayonnaise and olives. What would a mixed salad be without corn? Or a tuna and tomato dish without the crunchy sweet yellow beans? It is a very versatile food, which goes well with cold dishes such as a mix of barley and spelled with mushrooms, zucchini and carrots, or couscous with chicken or fish.
Conad corn can also be a fresh and light side dish that will also be appreciated by children, to be combined with cheese or fish sticks cooked in the oven.

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100% Italian
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