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Excellent regenerator for dishwashers, Conad Salt for dishwashers optimally softens the water for washing, preventing the formation of limescale deposits on the dishes and inside the appliance. Regular use of salt enhances the effectiveness of the detergent, significantly improving washing performance.

Perfect in contrasting water hardness, even where it is very high, our dishwasher salt is a quality product, obtained with a careful selection of supplier companies and with rigorous additional controls. Indispensable to prevent harmful limescale deposits and to avoid the very unpleasant repercussions of a lack of maintenance on glasses and all crockery, Conad Salt for dishwashers is a guarantee of protection from long-term encrustations.

All you need to do is unscrew the cap of the special softener tank (located on the bottom of the appliance), pour a little salt until it is full (avoiding it leaking) and close well before starting the wash. They are small and simple gestures that make a big difference. The cardboard packaging is practical and resistant, takes up little space and is also characterized by the excellent relationship between quality and price.

Among the products for the care and hygiene of household appliances, dishwasher salt could certainly not be missing. Could it possibly be missing in your kitchen closet?! To get the best results from your dishwasher, we recommend using Conad Sale synergistically together with Conad Detergente (Powder or Tabs) and Conad Brillantante for dishwashers.

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