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Two delicious layers of sponge cake with a creamy milk cream filling: this is Kinder Fetta la latte, the fresh and delicious snack that you can find on sale online in the Conad store. Buy now a classic presence in Italian snacks for 30 years! You can find it in the pack of 5 pieces of 28 grams each.

Kinder Fetta al latte is a fresh goodness made with carefully selected ingredients, without preservatives, additives and colourings. It is made with pasteurized fresh milk, sugar, wheat flour, skimmed milk powder, honey, low-fat cocoa, wheat middlings, palm oil, raising agents and emulsifiers.
The sponge cake is a source of nourishment, thanks to the carbohydrate content, while the fresh milk helps to make the filling creamy and delicate. In addition, the honey completes the whole with its sweet natural aroma.

It is a particularly suitable food for children, who appreciate this type of fresh snack, and it is also indicated for the right amount of sugar and calories.
Propose it as a snack, in the company of a fruit juice, or during a morning snack: together with a fruit or dried fruit it is ideal for regenerating energy and facing new hours of games or movement!
Kept in a cool bag, it is perfect to take to the park, to be enjoyed after a long game of football, or as the conclusion to a fun picnic.

Is the Kinder Fetta with milk a snack intended only for children? Absolutely not! Older kids will appreciate it during a break from studying or for a fresh afternoon snack, while adults will appreciate the simplicity and creaminess of Fetta al latte in a relaxing after-dinner drink, perhaps in front of a movie, or even in winter , to balance the warmth of a herbal tea with the freshness of a snack!

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