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Offer a cup of milk and Nesquik for your children's breakfast, they will be happy and will consume a low-fat product enriched with vitamins!

Nesquik wakes up your milk with delicious cocoa and essential nutrients such as vitamin D, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system and the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
The soluble drink preparation is obtained from sugar, low-fat cocoa, soy lecithin, salt, vitamins C and D, cinnamon and natural flavourings. It does not contain gluten, additives and colourings.
The cocoa used complies with the Nestlé Cocoa Plan protocol, aimed at improving the lives of farmers and the quality of their products, and respectful of the Rainforest Alliance agreement, for the protection of the environment and the ecosystem.

To enjoy Nesquik at its best, simply pour two teaspoons of soluble cocoa into a cup with 200 ml of hot milk, and mix well. When the preparation has melted well, it will be possible to savor all the unique flavor that Nesquik is able to create!
Offer your children a breakfast with a cup of milk and cocoa with biscuits to dip, or with cereals to eat in hot milk: it will be a very welcome and nutritious meal!
Nesquik can also be consumed during the afternoon, during a snack, together with a cereal bar and dried fruit, ideal for kids who need energy to play sports.
The product is obviously also appreciated by adults, who want something different from the usual cup of milk, and can also consume it in a cold drink.

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