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Typical of the Emilian tradition, but of a contemporary nature, Barilla's Pappardelle all'uovo are perfect for an everyday meal that does not give up on the taste of celebration. Excellent combined with meat sauce and vegetable sauces, they are suitable for a thousand recipes, from the simplest to the most refined. The elastic and porous structure makes them particularly suitable for absorbing condiments.

Obtained with selected raw materials and scrupulously controlled production processes, Barilla egg Pappardelle will win you over with their genuine flavor and perfect consistency. Try them with a wild boar ragout, or with truffles or porcini mushrooms. Experiment with asparagus and prawns or with sausage and leeks. Or choose a Conad ready sauce to quickly bring an appetizing first course to the table.

Among the egg pasta proposals for sale online on our digital shelves, Pappardelle Emiliane Barilla certainly could not be missing. Could they possibly be missing in your pantry? For a cheerful dinner and a proper lunch, for a Sunday family reunion and to best satisfy your desire for a nice pasta at any time of the week, you can certainly count on Emiliane Barilla egg Pappardelle.

Particularly appreciated by those who don't have much time to spend in the kitchen but don't give up pleasure at the table, everyone likes Pappardelle from Barilla. As good as the homemade ones, they cook in 6-7 minutes. The package contains approximately 4 portions and all the quality of the best Emilian tradition.

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