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In the history of pasta, it is fascinating to follow the changes in the sizes and calibers of long pasta shapes. In Spaghetti Grossi, for example, the size of the Spaghettoni is skilfully reduced, to allow them to give full flavor to the lightly fragranced condiments, with which they are best accompanied.

Spaghetti Grossi Barilla are particularly inclined to create a synthesis of a thousand curves and a thousand interweaving of flavors around the fork. Barilla suggests treating them delicately, combined with fresh and generous sauces.

From today, the Spaghetti Grossi n. 7 Barilla are even better. The secret? The careful selection of fine durum wheat grown throughout Italy and a more full-bodied shape, designed to give Barilla Spaghetti Grossi a balanced thickness and extraordinary consistency.

  • 100% Italian
  • Cardboard case - Paper collection
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