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Cameo Ciobar is a preparation for Chocolate flavored drink , ideal for enjoying a gourmet break, with all the rich and dense flavor of the classic taste of this chocolate drink. Ideal to savor during winter evenings, on the sofa, but also in summer, to prepare mousses, puddings and spoon desserts. Ciobar chocolate lends itself to many recipes and preparations, so that it can be enjoyed all year round.

Try preparing a Ciobar hot chocolate with water, instead of milk, if you don't eat dairy products. Its intense and rich taste won't let you know the difference. Or try making the chocolate drink and then let it cool to room temperature first and then put it in shot glasses or pudding molds. Put in the fridge and wait for it to cool and thicken. You will have quickly and simply prepared a dessert suitable for all occasions. You can use Ciobar in all the ways your imagination suggests and give yourself a chocolaty break whenever you want.

Preparing a thick and creamy Ciobar chocolate is simple: pour the contents of a sachet into a saucepan and add 125 ml of milk, a little at a time. Heat over medium heat and stir until thickened. As soon as it reaches the boil, the chocolate thickens immediately! You can replace the milk with any other liquid you like, making it shrink to your liking.

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