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Find the right boost for all your daily challenges with Actimel multifruit drinkable yoghurt and stock up on vitamin B6 and D! Thanks to the over 20 billion L.casei probiotic and the new enriched formula, you will always have the daily reinforcement you need, enclosed in a small bottle.

Strengthen your immune system every day thanks to the fresh and sweet taste of Actimel multifruit drinkable yoghurt. Uncork all the power contained in each bottle which will allow you to always reach the reference nutritional values ​​of vitamins B6 and D. Thanks to the over 20 billion probiotic L.casei you can contribute at any time of the day to the growth of your immune defenses. Actimel multifruit is perfect for starting your morning in the best possible way by accompanying your breakfast or, alternatively, it is an ideal after-meal to receive a boost that will allow you to face all your commitments.

Actimel drinking yoghurts are prepared without the addition of dyes or preservatives, to always contribute to your genuine diet without any type of chemical additive. Furthermore, all the flavor contained in each bottle can also be savored by those suffering from celiac disease, as Actimel multifruit is gluten-free.

Always remember to keep this delicious drinkable yoghurt in the fridge, at a temperature between 1°C and 6°C so as not to lose its fresh and fruity taste. Also, always recycle your waste following your municipality's guidelines on separate collection. Throw the outer packaging in the paper collection, the bottle in the plastic one and the cap in the aluminum and you too will help protect the environment from waste and pollution.

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