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Irresistible Baked (not fried) corn and cheese croquettes, Fonzies don't need great presentations, because they are a great classic among savory snacks. If you don't lick your fingers, you're only half enjoying, we're told in the official slogan. And how can you blame him?!

Perfect at any time of the day, from a snack to an aperitif, Fonzies help make your well-deserved breaks more satisfying. And your recipes are tastier and more original if you love to experiment! Try them for the Fonzies and gorgonzola pasta, and for the breading of the sublime pieces of fried chicken... mouth-watering, as well as finger-licking!

Among the chips for sale online on our digital shelves, the Fonzies 100 g Italia stand out considerably and could not be missing. Can they possibly be missing in your pantry?! The package contains approximately 3 servings. As with all snacks, moderate consumption is recommended.

To accompany a drink, for a picnic in the park, to treat yourself to a whim, to make a savory snack, to split a beer with a friend, for brunch, for a small party on the terrace, to organize yourself for a long journey, to cheer you up, to entertain guests waiting for dinner, for an impromptu aperitif and just in case, you can certainly count on the appetizing and unmistakable Fonzies cheese corn croquettes 100 g Italia.


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