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Frankfurters are a tasty and mouth-watering food that can bring the whole family together: for sale online you can find Wudy Classico Aia, the gluten, lactose and glutamate-free chicken and turkey frankfurters.

Wudy Classico Aia frankfurters are made from mechanically separated chicken and turkey meat (94%), with the addition of salt, flavourings, natural smoke flavouring, ascorbate and sodium nitrite, diphosphates and polyphosphates.
They are an Italian product, in fact the chickens and turkeys from which the meat comes are raised in Italy, and are also suitable for people with food intolerances or who follow particular diets, as they are gluten and lactose free.

There are numerous uses for frankfurters in the kitchen: starting with appetizers, you can make rustic by rolling each piece in a portion of puff pastry, cutting it into thick slices and then cooking them in the oven: they will act as an excellent aperitif together with an alcoholic cocktail and a glass of brut sparkling wine.
With Wudy Aia frankfurters you can create appetizing cold rice salads, kebabs with vegetables and cheeses, rustic pies with the addition of mushrooms and mozzarella, or potatoes and smoked provola.

Use them to create a delicious single dish with baked potatoes, or a delicious hot dog to be seasoned with ketchup and mayonnaise, to the delight of the little ones!
They are ideal to cut into slices to fill a homemade pizza, or to accompany fries or potato croquettes.

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