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Conad Pitted Prunes come from Chile, from a careful selection of the manufacturing companies and the additional checks carried out by Conad, to let you enjoy quality dried plums. They have no added preservatives and can be eaten at any time. You can eat them plain, during a dried fruit-based snack or you can add them to the dough for your desserts and also to the dough for leavened products.

They enrich all your recipes and creations, with their sweet taste and full-bodied consistency. The vitamins and mineral salts contained within it make Conad Pitted Prunes 500 g a nutritious and tasty snack or end of meal. Naturally rich in fiber and a source of potassium, you can also integrate them into your diet as an aid to your intestinal mobility, thanks to the well-known laxative properties of prunes. 100 grams of dried prunes contain 244 calories and the half kilo package offers you a quantity suitable for every situation, at an affordable price.

They are already pitted, to be able to eat them without thinking about the pit, also suitable for children to eat. The absence of the stone makes them suitable for eating during a snack, even on the road. Take and eat, one leads to another. In each plum you can taste all the taste of the plum, which has been carefully dried, to which a little water has then been added again, at the end of the process, to make it soft at the right point.

For better integrity of the product, once opened, keep it in the refrigerator and consume it within 3/4 days.

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