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They are particularly suitable for adults who follow a specific diet, low sodium diets or who simply want to keep it light every time they sit down at the table. The rusks, also thanks to the flavor conferred by the exclusive use of wholemeal flour with broad leaf bran, will in any case be appreciated by all those who like to enjoy a crunchy food to combine with creams and jams.

The product is obtained from whole wheat flour, sunflower oil, malted barley and corn extract, yeast, dextrose, salt and malted wheat flour. It is produced in Italy, using energy obtained from 100% renewable sources, and the packaging and wrapping are totally recyclable. Each pack contains 36 slices.

At breakfast, they go very well with an orange marmalade or blueberry jam and other berries, or a delicious hazelnut cream. You can consume them together with apricot jam, a cup of tea and some almonds, to guarantee the right caloric requirement to start the day in the best possible way. Try them with honey, together with a coffee or a fruit juice, or soaked in milk and coffee, for a soft and delicate awakening.
You can also offer wholemeal slices to your children, to be enjoyed in a hot drink, or with a delicious chocolate cream spread on top.

In the absence of bread, the slices also lend themselves to unusual but pleasant combinations with savory sauces, fresh spreadable cheese and slices of smoked salmon!


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