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Kinder bueno is a wafer filled with milk and hazelnuts, covered in milk chocolate. A classic to be enjoyed as a snack and taken with you, thanks to its small size. You can savor the pleasure of a creamy milk and hazelnut filling, with a delicate taste, enclosed between two layers of thin and crumbly wafers, with a classic rounded shape.

The round shape is used to enclose the delicious hazelnut cream. Finally, everything is covered in fine pure cocoa milk chocolate, with decorative streaks of dark chocolate on top, to make this Ferrero snack even better.

The whole hazelnuts used in the milk cream have been carefully selected and toasted at the right point and at the last minute to preserve all their flavour. Finally, they are minced and added to the milk cream, to make the flavor of this timeless, unmistakable snack. The hazelnuts used to prepare Kinder Bueno come from Italy, Turkey and the Dead Sea area, selecting only the freshest and highest quality hazelnuts, with a 100% traceable supply chain

The chocolate comes from sustainable harvests, in fact, Kinder is part of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), which promotes the development of local communities in synergy with cocoa cultivation.

It is naturally without preservatives and coloring additives, in a convenient pack of 2 pieces, each of which weighs 43 grams and contains 122 calories. Kinder is the official sponsor of the Italian national team.

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