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This bread is made only with wholemeal flour, so it's rich in fiber, it's lighter than a standard product, and it's suitable for those who want to stay in shape!

It's perfect for creating tender and delicious sandwiches for your children, or to satisfy your every need during any meal: just open the bag and take the desired number of slices of Pan Bauletto!
The product is made with whole wheat flour, water, sunflower oil, yeast, salt and wheat gluten. It is treated with ethyl alcohol on the surface, does not contain palm oil and is a 100% Italian product.
Pan Bauletto Integrale is made with only wheat flour from sustainable agriculture, obtained in compliance with the Carta del Mulino, the sustainable cultivation specification drawn up together with the University of Bologna, which brings quality to the products, supports the work of the community of farmers and it protects biodiversity also favoring pollinating insects, and respecting sustainability criteria.

Use Mulino Bianco's Pan Bauletto when you don't have fresh bread at home, to accompany all your dishes for lunch or dinner, whether it's salads and cold foods, whether the courses are meat or fish based.
It is ideal for preparing a sandwich to take with them to work or to put in the children's backpack, for their recess at school, or to make stuffed sandwiches for a picnic in the mountains!
It's perfect for making a quick meal when you get home late, or you don't have much time for lunch because you have to go back to work: just put two slices of Pan Bauletto in the toaster, then add cold cuts and vegetables, or tuna and tomato, and you will immediately have a quick and tasty meal available!

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