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The Conad 8-metre Super-resistant Aluminum proves to be your faithful ally in the kitchen, making it easier to store, cook and transport food. Resistant and long-lasting, it helps you better preserve the flavor of food and, with some types of cooking, it shortens preparation times.

Foil paper does not absorb odors and is perfect for preparing en papillote foods, very healthy cooking that preserves the nutritional properties. Use the product to store already portioned foods in the fridge or freezer.

Aluminum proves to be an extremely resistant material, after tearing it remains intact without being damaged.

Remember not to use the product to store very acidic, salty or moist food and for storage longer than 24 hours place in the refrigerator. Use in the microwave oven is permitted only if recommended by the manufacturer of the appliance.

Conad super-resistant aluminum is also suitable for alternative uses, it is an excellent thermal insulator that prevents heat dispersion. Use it this way: cover a sheet of cardboard with aluminum foil and place it behind each radiator in your home, in this way the rooms will maintain the right temperature.

You can also use Conad foil to clean the steel in your kitchen, pots, ladles and cutlery will regain their natural splendor! Do you have a pair of dull scissors at home? Detach a piece of aluminum from the roll, fold it in half to make it thicker and start cutting it with scissors, the blades will cut like before again.

Make the grill in the kitchen look like new again: let it cool and rub vigorously, you will see food residues disappear without much effort.

Use the super-resistant Conad aluminum in this way: take the required amount of foil by helping you with the pre-cut edge, the knurled surface makes the operation simple. The opaque part of the foil is the one intended to be in contact with food.

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