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The large Conad transparent sachets have dimensions of 28 x 42 centimeters, and are therefore able to contain large quantities of food and fresh vegetables to be preserved. They are perfect for storing your food in the freezer: thanks to their calibrated thickness and multilayer material, they ensure total insulation from water, avoiding the dispersion of odors and liquids. They are also resistant, practical, equipped with closing straps, pre-printed label and side gussets, in such a way as to guarantee the needs related to freezing and food preservation in the best possible way.

It will be easy to store a portion of leftover timbale, raw meat or fresh vegetables to keep for the cold season in the freezer: just take a food freezer bag, fill in the pre-printed label on the bag with a pen, indicating the content, preparation date and expiry date, insert the food to be frozen and close the bag with the string, letting the air out for better conservation.

Have you bought some fish but you can't eat it all for dinner and you don't feel like eating it again the next day? Take a Conad freezer bag, put it in the freezer and cook it whenever you want! Do you want to enjoy broad beans or pumpkin even when they are out of season and not available on the market? All you have to do is keep them in a Conad food sachet and place them in the freezer.

You can also use the large freezer bags for transporting food away from home, for example a sandwich to be eaten during a work break, or fruit for a healthy snack.


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