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Black pepper is the most used spice and known since ancient times for its ability to enhance the flavors of food. It has a strong and pungent taste also obtained thanks to the particular procedure that allows its production. In fact, black pepper is the fruit of the pepper tree and is harvested when it is not yet ripe. The typical pellets become dry, rough and black in color after being placed in water and then dried in the sun. Those balls are perfect decorations that you can use to embellish and to enhance in the best way a cuisine that you have prepared with so much care and that you want to offer to your guests!

But above all, the grains keep the aroma of black pepper intact, which would be lost if it were ground. This is why it is important to use it in grains or grind it at the time of seasoning, just before serving the food. Where do you use it? You can try it whole in the preparation of cured meats, in meat or even fish cuisines, in soups, in vegetable cuisines. Or you can grind it up for a more diffuse flavor. Try it in salads, first courses, pizza, salmon, wherever you want to add a good and decisive flavour.

If you use black pepper, in addition to appreciating its strength, you will also be able to verify its numerous properties. It is in fact able to stimulate the metabolism, to digest, to better absorb the nutrients of foods and also has numerous therapeutic properties.

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