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Conad Sunflower Seed Oil comes from the selection of the best raw materials, to bring to the table all the goodness of an oil with a delicate flavor and a clear, clear colour. Suitable for many uses in the kitchen, it is ideal for mayonnaise and for all sauces, and for dressing raw. Versatile, also valid for confectionery preparations, it is not suitable for frying, due to the lower smoke point compared to other vegetable oils, but it is a wild card that is always worth keeping on hand in the kitchen.

Among the varieties of Conad-branded oil, sunflower oil could certainly not be missing. Could it possibly be missing in your pantry?! Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids precursors of omega 3 and 6, it is a precious ally for the heart, fights bad cholesterol, has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. As with all condiments, moderate consumption is recommended. It is not recommended in case of diabetes, because it would increase insulin and fasting blood sugar levels.

To dress sour chicory and mixed salad, for legume soup and vegetable minestrone, to prepare Russian salad, tuna mousse and cold sauces for happy hour, to delight children with a soft vanilla donut or with an exquisite carrot cake, for savory muffins and brunch mozzarella in carrozza, and for daily dipping biscuits, you can certainly count on our sunflower seed oil.

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