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Prepared with quality ingredients, Without preservatives and without colourings , Motta's Yo-Yos are a great classic among Italian baked confectionery products, and do not require great presentations. Composed of two layers of soft sponge cake filled with delicious chocolate cream and decorated with cocoa, contain -30% saturated fat compared to the average of the best-selling snacks. Indicate for the snack of children, Yo-Yos are loved by all ages, and they know how to make them more cheerful and carefree, at home and away from home , every moment of well-deserved relaxation.

Among the sweet snacks for sale online on our digital shelves, Motta Yo-Yos could certainly not be missing. Can they possibly be missing in your pantry?! Produced in Italy , they have all the credentials to delight you and, if they stand out among the various baked confectionery products, it is certainly thanks to the unmistakable sandwich shape , created in 1983 when the all-Italian phenomenon of paninari exploded. The unit pack contains 6 snacks individually packaged (from 35 g and 133 kcal each), which are perfect to follow you where you go.

For breakfast and for an afternoon snack, for trips out of town and for brunch, for a picnic at the lake and for any nice occasion... you can certainly count on the goodness and quality of Yo-Yo Motta single-portion snacks with cream (32%) chocolate.


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