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The product is suitable for everyone's consumption, because its consistency and its special taste make it delicious for consumers of all ages. Parents can safely offer it to their children, because it is a good source of energy, free from elements deriving from GMO crops, while adults will find it delicious for any snack or when looking for something sweet and nutritious.

Crostatina is obtained from wheat flour, sugar, sunflower oil, fresh cream butter, hazelnuts, cocoa, fresh eggs from free-range hens, skimmed milk powder, glucose-fructose syrup, salt, soy lecithin, leavening agents and flavourings. It is produced in Italy, using energy obtained from 100% renewable sources, and the packaging and wrapping are totally recyclable.

Try a breakfast with a Mulino Bianco Tart together with a cup of tea, or a cappuccino, to start the day with the necessary energy. Take it with you to work to consume it during a break, or to conclude the lunch break in a sweet way.
Children appreciate this snack very much, thanks to its fragrance and delicious cocoa and hazelnut cream: they will appreciate it for breakfast, or to take it to school and eat it during recess. It's also perfect for older kids, for a snack or a regenerating break while studying.

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