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Conad Mint Classics are gluten-free hard mint candies, to keep your breath fresh. Enjoy the wave of freshness that is released with every breath, by tasting Conad mint candies. Prepared without dyes and preservatives, with the practical 200 gram pack, you will never run out and you can treat yourself to an intense and unmistakable refreshing pleasure at any time.

Only mint that has passed a careful selection of the manufacturing companies and the additional checks carried out by Conad is chosen to become a Conad brand, which is committed to always guaranteeing you a quality product. Mint has a balsamic action that helps calm coughs and colds, as well as giving you fresh breath, reducing bad breath. All its beneficial properties are concentrated in Conad mint candy.

Discover the goodness of the Conad Classic Mint 200 g, prepared only with sugar, glucose syrup and natural flavourings. Rediscover the taste of being a child again and savor the Conad candies which, with their shape, will take you back in time to when you were a child and your grandmother used to offer you mint candies. Each candy contains only 19 calories.

Tired of the usual small packs? The Classiche Mint Conad 200 g pack, which can be purchased online, ensures you unexpected savings and practicality. You can stock up on them in quantities, just store them in a cool, dry place. Each pack of Conad mint candies, in fact, contains 42 candies. The ancients traveled miles to find the mint plant and benefit from its properties, one click is enough for you.

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