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Conad Milk Chocolate is a very fine gluten-free chocolate prepared with paste and cocoa butter at a minimum of 30%, sugar and milk, mixed and aerated to create a homogeneous compound with a velvety flavour. Only the best cocoa varieties have been selected by Conad for this classic, delicious and tempting recipe. A small sin of gluttony to indulge in, to discover the unique and enveloping goodness of Conad chocolate.

Make your break moments special with this milk chocolate, a source of happiness, thanks to the endorphins it triggers and the increase in serotonin production. In fact, chocolate stimulates the hormone of happiness and immediately brings back a good mood.

In addition to being an ally of good humour, it is present on tables in every form: natural, to be eaten in small squares but also added to cakes, croissants and many desserts, even spooned, to make your creations even more delicious. You can melt it and add it to the custard, to create a chocolate cream, suitable for filling birthday cakes and many other sponge and non-sponge bases. You can pour it into the donut dough, to make a marble donut or a two-tone plumcake.

Keep it in the pantry, cool and dry and use it whenever you want, remembering that you can stock up on it, taking it from the Conad digital shelves or in all points of sale. Conad Milk Chocolate 100 g is produced in Switzerland and contains milk, lactose, soy and may contain traces of nuts, almonds and hazelnuts.

100 grams of milk chocolate contains 548 calories, but also 1.8 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein. Does not contain gluten. Remember to dispose of the external wrapping in the paper collection, while the aluminum wrapping, according to the waste disposal directives of your municipality.

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