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Olives, rich in fiber, good fats and antioxidants such as beta carotene and vitamin E, have always been a central element in the Mediterranean diet, and being naturally gluten-free and with a low glycemic index, they can also be enjoyed by those with problems of celiac disease or diabetes.

Conad Pitted Green Olives lend themselves to any type of savory preparation. They can be used alone to accompany an aperitif, together with cheeses, cold cuts and crunchy vegetables, or they can be added to salads, quiches and pasta to give that extra touch of taste and flavour. If lightly chopped or cut into slices, they can be incorporated into various leavened and non-leavened doughs to create tasty sandwiches, breadsticks and tigelle, but they are perfect above all as a topping for pizzas and focaccias.

Pitted olives are also ideal for filling. An example are the stuffed olives Messina style, without cooking and pears for a quick and delicious aperitif. The filling consists of breadcrumbs, pecorino cheese, capers, chopped parsley, pepper, chilli pepper, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and water to mix. The result will be outstanding!

However, these olives are famous above all for being an essential element in the presentation of what is undoubtedly the king of cocktails: the dry Martini, which owes much of its charm and success to the iconic pitted green olive fixed on a toothpick .

the Conad Pitted Green Olives 2 x 50g are not preserved in brine, in this way they are perfect to be used immediately without dripping. They are divided into two convenient 50g 100% recyclable plastic tubs, so you don't necessarily have to use all 100g of the pack in one go, but you can indulge yourself in a new preparation every day.

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