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Philadelphia Original is the fresh cheese par excellence, used for delicious recipes both sweet, such as the exquisite cheesecake, and savory. Choose quality and immediately buy the pack in the Conad store closest to you, or take advantage of the low prices in the online store and add it to your cart!

With Philadelphia Original you will always have all the goodness of the best fresh cheese available for your recipes in the kitchen. Use it to prepare delicious desserts such as the exquisite berry cheesecake or create savory recipes for appetizers and main courses to be served during meals. Plus, you can also simply spread it on a slice of bread or a cracker for a quick and light snack!

Impress your guests with delicious recipes prepared with Philadelphia Original, an example? Serve delicious Philadelphia hearts with cherry tomatoes, rocket, raw ham and loaf of bread! To prepare them, simply cook the cherry tomatoes cut into wedges and seasoned with salt, oil, oregano, pepper and garlic for 50 minutes, then arrange them on the slices of heated bread for 5 minutes and which you will have given the shape of a heart with a stencil . But before putting the cherry tomatoes, ham and rocket, don't forget to spread a delicious layer of Philadelphia and that's it! Learn more about this recipe or discover new ones on the website or visit the Facebook page.

Philadelphia fresh cheese is gluten-free and does not contain any type of preservatives or thickeners, moreover, it is suitable for a vegetarian diet.

Give new life to your recipes in the kitchen with Philadelphia Original, buy now a convenient pack of 6 packets of 25 g each!


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