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Estathé peach is a refreshing tea, born from the infusion of black tea leaves, with the addition of peach juice of Italian origin, with a pleasant and velvety taste. Produced since 1994 by Estathé, it has become a classic, to drink alone or in company. Practice packaging 3 x 200 ml , allows you to enjoy the drink anywhere, thanks to the legendary plastic cups. Insert the straw and enjoy.

Every moment is good to drink this peach tea, grown in uncontaminated places infused according to tradition , as if it were homemade tea, which you always have ready in the pantry. You can drink it to accompany lunch breaks or to take a break during the day and enjoy the fresh flavor of this tea, born from the Estathé experience. Follow the story of tea leaf on the Estathé website and find out how the plant from which it was born was transformed into peach tea.

A the real infusion of black tea leaves , expertly prepared to keep all their properties unaltered. The infusion technique used gives Estathé its typical taste and color and the slight cloudiness, which sometimes appears in the tea, characteristic of the infusion technique. You can drink it at room temperature or chilled, you choose. It is a drink that does not contain gluten, colourings, preservatives and artificial flavourings, produced in an Italian factory.

Estathe guarantees the conservation of all its shot glasses. If you notice swollen or damaged containers, ask the retailer for a replacement and do not consume the product. The cup is made of plastic and is thrown into the plastic collection. Each 200ml serving provides 37 calories.

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