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Peeled Tomatoes 800 g Conad, ripened in the sun to give you the unmistakable flavor of the Italian tradition every day. Only tomatoes that have reached perfect ripeness end up in our jars! In this way you will be able to give your daily dishes the fresh taste of freshly picked tomatoes.

After being processed and peeled off, Conad Peeled Tomatoes manage to maintain a bright red color and an intense aroma because they are preserved in their own juice, just as the original recipe requires. Their fleshy and soft pulp can thus release the Mediterranean taste with every bite that makes the dishes of great Italian cuisine special.

Choose the convenience of the 800g pack and make sure that Peeled Tomatoes are never lacking in your pantry. You can use them whole or cut them into chunks and, if you prefer, make a full-bodied puree, which will also meet the taste of the little ones.

How many recipes can you make with Conad Peeled Tomatoes! You can prepare a delicious ragout to season tagliatelle and lasagna, or you can try your hand at summer gazpachos and winter soups. The sauce prepared with Conad peeled tomatoes also enhances the second courses: meatballs, meat stews and even a delicate cod becomes lively if dressed in tomato red. There really is something for all tastes and for the whole family.

And if you happen to be the only one invited to dinner, that's no problem. Once the can is opened, use the peeled tomatoes you need. The rest can be transferred to another container and stored in the refrigerator until the next spaghetti meal.

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100% Italian
Can - FE40: Metal Collection Label - PAP22: Paper Collection Check the rules of your municipality


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