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Excellent yoghurt with sweetened fermented milk and fruit and cereal mix, without preservatives and without artificial colours, Activia Fiber White with cereals will win you over with its simple and delicate flavour. Ideal for breakfast, it is indicated at any time of the day and particularly appreciated by those who pay attention to their physical shape.

Famous probiotic yogurt, Activia contains 4 billion bifidus probiotics, bacteria that promote the balance of intestinal flora, so important for the immune system. Among the yogurt proposals for sale online on our digital shelves, Activia Fiber White with cereals could certainly not be missing. Could it possibly be missing in your fridge?! The unit pack contains 4 jars (119 kcal each) and 100% ingredients of natural origin.

For a gentle awakening, to start a diet, to have a healthy snack, for a mid-morning break, to recharge after a long walk or before going back to the desk, to strengthen the immune system, for a snack, for a regenerating break ... And again, to end the evening on a sweet note, to replace high-calorie snacks, to form a good habit, to satisfy hunger, for brunch and for a late night snack... you can certainly count on Activia Fiber White with cereals. Rich in calcium and live lactic ferments, it is genuine, gratifying on the palate and good for everyone.


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