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Among the Conad-branded liquid hand dishwashing detergents, count on Conad Piatti Limone. Obtained with a careful selection of the manufacturing companies and rigorous additional controls, it is a quality product.

In the practical 1 l plastic bottle, Conad Lemon Liquid Dishes is also effective against the most stubborn encrustations and grease. In its formulation, surfactants (essential for acting quickly and effectively on dirt) are combined with the degreasing power of lemon juice, which also gives the liquid soap its pleasant fragrance.

In the useful label on the back of the bottle, in addition to the chemical composition, there are indications for use and instructions, recommended doses and warnings. Speaking of advice... the use of kitchen rubber gloves is always recommended for washing dishes by hand.

With Conad Piatti Limone (and with a good sponge), even the most encrusted pan comes back clean. And consider that dish detergent is also perfect for washing sunglasses (it doesn't leave streaks) and that sometimes it's just the only solution for removing grease and dirt stains from fabrics (in which case it is recommended to pour a teaspoon of liquid soap directly on the stain, rub and leave to act for about half an hour before putting the garment in the washing machine).

It's not always the case to start the dishwasher, and in any case not all the crockery fits in it and some pieces are really better to wash by hand (think of good service, crystal glasses...). It is always advisable to have good hand dish soap next to the sink!

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