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Each Conad brand product is designed to best satisfy your tastes and needs, which is why it derives from the careful selection of the manufacturing companies and the additional checks carried out by Conad. Let yourself be conquered by the intense and refreshing taste of mint in very few calories with Conad Mint Gummies . Tasty and refreshing , they contain neither sugar nor colourings, and are prepared only with real mint extract, to enjoy fresh and irresistible breath whenever you want. Share them with your friends and for sure once you open them you will see that they will be snapped up right away! Store them in a cool, dry place and whenever you feel like cheering yourself up, go fish one out of the bag. Thanks to its inimitable scent and flavor , mint has always been used to flavor candies, chewing gum, tea and herbal teas, this not only because it is capable of giving the regenerating sensation of delicious freshness that you know well, but also because this spice is rich in beneficial properties, in fact it fights halitosis and small and annoying airway problems such as sore throat . It also helps to facilitate digestion, proving to be an excellent and unexpected ally for intestinal problems. This famous and versatile spice is also known for its calming elements, it is in fact capable of relieving stress and tension due to everyday life, giving you a feeling of fresh lightness, in every sense!

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