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The fruit gelées 200 g Conad they are produced following a careful selection of raw materials and processes to offer you jellies that have the real taste of fresh fruit. The ingredients that make them up are: water, sugar, fruit juice and vegetable concentrates. Thanks to this simplicity you will be able to enjoy different tastes according to your preferences: the tartness of lemon if you love strong flavours, the freshness of orange if you like the bittersweet contrast, the sweetness of strawberry if you like lively flavours, the fullness some cherry if you want your taste buds to feel enveloped, and the delicious apple if you are delighted with simpler tastes. Each candy is coated with powdered sugar to sweeten them and make every moment you taste them a unique and relaxing experience!

With these mouth-watering flavors you can't leave anyone unsatisfied! The fruit gummy candies they are soft, without dyes And gluten-free , for this reason they are ideal for everyone. Their size small And rectangular makes them great even for the little ones! In conclusion, the gelées with fruit juice 200 g Conad they will satisfy adults and children, whatever their dietary needs and personal taste!

Keep them fruit candies in your pantry or in any cool and dry place and when you have the opportunity, taste them and offer them to share their flavor and conquer anyone with these delicious gelées. You will see, when they taste them everyone will be amazed! Even you!

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