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Conad Baby Moisturizing Wipes refresh and clean your baby's delicate skin.

Thanks to the 20 wet wipes and cleansers contained in the package, you can gently remove skin impurities without the need to use water. Scented and delicate, Conad cleansing and moisturizing wipes are light caresses that respect the physiological pH of the skin and that you can use all over the body of newborns. Their skin is kept soft and free from irritation thanks to the moisturizing capacity of the Baby wipes which have the advantage of combining effectiveness and sensitivity, making it smooth and velvety. They are also comfortable for cleaning hands with which children discover, crawl and touch everything new. But that's not the only use you can make of it! Given their hygienic nature, use them not only for the little ones, but also for your personal cleaning. This is why they are the right solution for any eventuality. The Baby Wipes are practical and comfortable, to put in your pocket and always carry with you for the right solution at the right time!

For their effectiveness, disposable wipes must be moist and fresh. But no problem! The packaging in which they are contained takes care of keeping them in perfect condition, which also allows you to remove the wipe when you need it. There is in fact a practical adhesive tab that you can lift and close immediately afterwards to preserve the best characteristics of the wipes. The packaging and the adhesive tab are made of plastic, a material that you can recycle in the special container for separate collection to contribute to a careful and sustainable future. The wipes instead, once used, do not throw them in the toilet.

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