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Martini is an aromatized wine-based drink born in Turin more than 100 years ago, and which over time has conquered the world thanks to its uniqueness and unmistakable character. It is an institution not only in the world of beverages, but also in modern and contemporary culture, in fact the Martini has entered the cinematographic, literary and musical imagination, because its diffusion has been widespread, by virtue of the iconicity of the product, among the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world.
What would James Bond be without martini? Or a party without this drink? On the other hand, "No Martini, no party!"

It is a delicate and fresh vermouth, obtained from white wines with extracts of aromatic herbs and flowers: characterized by hints of vanilla and citrus fruits, it is soft and round in the mouth, characterized by good acidity and a sweet and slightly fruity aftertaste.
The protagonist of hundreds of alcoholic cocktail recipes, Martini is the white aperitif par excellence, served in the classic version on the rocks: with the addition of ice and a slice of lemon it is perfect, and is celebrated all over the world. Appreciated for generations, it is particularly appreciated in preparations in which it is mixed with tonic water, or together with gin, ice, lemon zest and a green olive served separately, for an iconic and very famous Martini Cocktail.

Try it with tropical fruit juice or sparkling lemonade: in just a few steps you will be able to create a perfect drink to accompany canapés, appetizers or to start a carefree party or an important ceremony.


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