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Incontinence can cause a lot of inconvenience to those who suffer from it. Sudden urine leakage can create a strong sense of social inadequacy and could lead people to shut themselves up at home and refuse contact with the outside world.

There is a better, less extreme and more functional solution: buy Conad's Advantage Rectangular Diapers in a format containing no less than 30 pieces. In the online catalog you will find an entire line of products dedicated to this problem from which you can choose the ones that best suit your situation. The packs are all convenient and have the merit of being made from recyclable materials.

Diapers for adults and seniors are comfortable and safe. They are soft to the touch and their dermatologically tested formula prevents the skin from irritation or redness. With their rectangular shape, they adhere perfectly to underwear or elastic underpants, making them comfortable to wear even during the night. It is precisely when you sleep that diapers can be more useful since you are not conscious and unable to wake up in time to go to the bathroom.

Absorbency is crucial in determining the quality of incontinence pads. Conad's Advantages boast rapid urine absorption (a good 6 points out of 8) and are made especially for those suffering from the disorder in a medium and severe form. The speed of absorption limits the contact of the skin with moisture thus preventing it from reddening or irritation. The Conad diaper manages to neutralize unpleasant odors giving a pleasant sensation of freshness.

To understand when to change the diaper there is a humidity indicator that disappears when a piece needs to be replaced.

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