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In some moments what we need for find the right charge it's just a good cocoa flavored drink and the Soluble cocoa 500 g Conad allows you to prepare a very good hot chocolate in minutes, ideal for adding a note of sweetness to your day.

Make the Breakfast an unforgettable moment and brings to the table all the goodness of powdered chocolate, a mixture of sugar and low-fat cocoa which gives the milk a unique taste .

The chocolate drink represents one healthy and complete meal , to be enjoyed as a snack if you play sports, able to provide you with energy necessary for extraordinary performance. Highly digestible and gluten-free , it is source of noble nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, niacin, immediately made available to the body to better react to fatigue.

If you fancy one hot drink with a creamy and pleasant taste on the palate , what you need is soluble cocoa, in a few minutes you can prepare a delicious drink for a break from the invigorating and toning action.

Conad soluble cocoa is the ideal product for preparing a quick one hot chocolate , especially indicated for inexperienced people in the kitchen or that they don't have much time to waste for the preparation of a tasty drink.

He is also employed in pastry shop for the preparation of ices, ice creams and decorations for cakes and pastries: use soluble cocoa as an ingredient for a quick dessert , to be prepared in a short time to make your children's snack more delicious.

To keep the fragrance unchanged, after opening, store the package in a cool, dry place.

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