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Fundamental on every festively decorated table and for the most classic of aperitifs, alongside green olives, taralli and chips, Conad fried and salted roasted peanuts are a quality product , obtained with a careful selection of supplier companies and with rigorous controls on the supply chain. Part of the Conad Salted Dried Fruit range, designed to make your breaks more delicious, the Conad Roasted and Salted Peanuts 300 g are ideal to accompany all your drinks.

Cheerful to the eye and gratifying to the palate, so good that stopping can be difficult, they are not recommended in the case of a slimming diet due to their high caloric intake. As with all snacks, moderate consumption is generally recommended. As with all dried fruit, special attention should be paid to children.

For an impromptu aperitif, to offer guests something pleasant and appetizing before moving to the dining room, to gratify yourself a little, to take away a whim, to recharge your batteries, count on our roasted and salted peanuts. And if you intend to conquer everyone at your table, cover them with melted dark chocolate, to offer a truly unique crunchy dessert with a contrast of flavours.

Among the Conad brand snacks, fried and salted roasted peanuts could certainly not be missing. Can they possibly be missing in your pantry?! Preserved in the vacuum pack, which perfectly preserves the flavor and aroma, consistency and nutritional properties of the product, the Conad Roasted and Salted Peanuts 300 g are also characterized by the excellent relationship between quality and price .

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