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Coffee is a pleasure that is difficult to give up. But, after all, why should you?

It is also true, however, that if you decide to treat yourself to a similar delight, you have to do it well by focusing everything on the quality of the ground. There is no sweeter break or better way to start the day than with a cup full of dark liquid that gives you good sensations right from the smell.

Help your coffee maker produce a good drink by filling it only with highly selected and controlled coffee powder. Conad ground roasted coffee meets these requirements. Among the many aromas present on our digital shelves, we recommend the classic quality for traditionalist palates who have made the cup of coffee an almost sacred object. The smell of the ground powder hits you as soon as you open the package with its perfume, while the full-bodied taste delights your taste buds as soon as the liquid reaches your mouth. Thanks to its characteristics, Conad coffee also binds very well to milk, giving you homemade cappuccinos that have nothing to envy to those at the bar in terms of taste.

A classic coffee like this is also excellent for making desserts. Tiramisu will be even tastier if you mix the ladyfingers with our ground coffee. Not to mention the coffee cake, where the latter is the protagonist. How can you make it without a full-bodied and traditional aroma?

If you are a serial consumer of coffee made with a mocha, you may often run out of ground coffee and consequently have a continuous need to purchase the raw material. In this situation it might be convenient to look for offers and promotions. Conad meets your need by offering you two packs of classic quality ground coffee at advantageous prices. So you can stock up on it and you'll never run out of your delicious drink.

For the right good morning, discover Conad's classic quality ground coffee in our online store in the convenient pack of two packs of 250 grams each.

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