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The Conad Ultrasoft 4-Ply Handkerchiefs 10 packs are made with 100% pure cellulose fibers, to ensure greater softness and resistance during use. How long have they been part of our daily lives and how did we do before their invention?

Conad handkerchiefs prove to be a very versatile product, practical to use on many occasions: use them not only to wipe your nose but also to remove make-up and instead of toilet paper when you're away from home. Furthermore, they are fragrance-free and help you avoid the typical redness of the winter season.

A pack of tissues always fits in your purse, car or office locker, and you don't necessarily have to use them just to clean your nose.

Equipped with a smooth edge to prevent redness and irritation, Conad paper handkerchiefs are particularly suitable for delicate noses because they are dermatologically tested and guarantee correct hygiene in every situation, taking care of every skin type.

The presence of the 4 plies guarantees unbeatable performance in terms of resistance and softness, able to offer relief even in uncomfortable situations. Don't underestimate the importance of a pack of tissues, in case you have a cold you may regret its absence!

The practical multipack of Conad 4-ply handkerchiefs guarantees relief and comfort in any situation. Soft and resistant, they meet the daily needs of the whole family, ready to support you in case of a runny nose or to dry your tears of joy.

The ultra-soft 4-ply 10-pack Conad handkerchiefs have obtained FSC certification because they are made with cellulose from controlled forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for environmental protection. Conad carefully chooses the raw materials used, preferring fibers from supply chains managed according to sustainability criteria, striving every day to reduce its environmental impact.

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