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Black, equipped with a convenient drawstring for closure, our 110-litre capacity shared garbage bags are a quality Conad product. Obtained with a careful selection of supplier companies and with rigorous additional controls, they are strong, super solid and resistant to corks and liquids. The demarcation lines between the various bags are excellently dashed and make the division simple and clear, avoiding the bad waste and unpleasant situations that can happen with other bags of lower quality.

Part of a complete line of Conad-branded cleaning accessories, the 10-piece 70x110 cm black 110-liter garbage bags with string closure are practical and extremely useful. What's more... they are essential!

Suitable for condominium rubbish bins and for bins that must contain mixed rubbish, they contain and hold waste and residues excellently, and can also be very useful in the event of major cleaning or removals. Certainly they are packaging for the collection of rubbish of excellent quality and on which you can optimally rely. The package with band contains 10 pieces, takes up little space and is also characterized by the excellent relationship between quality and price.

Among the Conad brand cleaning accessories, the Condominium garbage bags with a capacity of 110 liters and measures 70x110 cm could certainly not be missing. Could they possibly be missing in your closet?!


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