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There ready tomato sauce Agromonte cherry tomato will bring to the table all the taste of Sicilian cherry tomatoes, with their intense color and sweet and rich flavour, to make your sauce even tastier. Prepared with simple ingredients, all of Italian origin, cooked slowly, to release all the flavors and let you enjoy a cherry sauce completely vegan and gluten free .

The Agromonte sauce will make you rediscover the taste of good things, well made and immediately ready to use. Its sweet taste makes it popular with children, because it is a product worked in the summer , within 24 hours of harvesting, which has reached the right degree of ripeness and sweetness. Heat it for a minute in a saucepan and you will immediately have your cherry tomato sauce ready for pasta.

Ideal if you don't like cooking or don't have the time. A very practical solution that allows you to enjoy a healthy and light lunch, with all the flavor of carrots, onion, basil and extra virgin olive oil, which emphasize the flavor of the cherry and make the ready sauce perfect to combine with first courses, but also with meat or fish dishes. Try adding some of this sauce to make an express fish sauce. Add it at the end and savor the delicate and intriguing taste it adds to the fish.

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