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Light and easily digestible , Orogel portioned frozen spinach leaves are a quick and tasty side dish : with sour, sautéed or with butter, they will win you over in every version. Ready in a pot of boiling salted water 3-4 minutes , takes about 10 minutes in the pan.

Beautiful in their bright green to serve in a platter, they are also perfect for preparing omelettes and savory pies (try them here with the addition of pine nuts and raisins towards the end of cooking), to stuff sandwiches and sandwiches for picnics, and to stuff homemade vegetarian pizza.

Due to their delicately sweet taste, spinach is also appreciated by children and is certainly good for everyone: exceptional allies of the skin and eyesight, it strengthens the immune system. Naturally rich in calcium, fiber and vitamin A , Orogel Cubello Spinach Foglia Più is enriched with added vitamins to promote your well-being. To promote your savings, they are characterized instead by the excellent relationship between quality and price .

As good and fresh as freshly picked , Orogel Cubello's Foglia Più Spinach is the result of a Italian production which uses modern cultivation and conservation techniques with low environmental impact . Stored in the recyclable bag, which it protects goodness and nature at the same time , having reduced dimensions and thickness to a minimum, the leaves are delicately placed one on top of the other so that they remain softer and more intact.

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