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Fantasy Orange is a soft drink prepared with 100% Italian orange juice, sugar and natural flavourings, without preservatives. Bottled in an Italian factory, the bottle is in recyclable PET. The 1.5 l family pack is excellent for quenching the thirst of all members of the house, friends and visiting relatives. It is also a classic to serve during the holidays, always present on the set tables, together with various sweets and snacks. Savor the unique taste, given by the flavor of sun-ripened oranges, which make the taste of Fanta even more special, in the classic Orange flavour.

The first Fanta Original was born in Naples in 1955, immediately conquering all Italians, first and then the whole world, becoming famous in all countries without losing its Italian soul and flavour. The taste of orange juice enriched by many bubbles that fizz in the mouth and which has become one of the most popular soft drinks in the world, with its sweet and characteristic taste.

Start organizing your party now and stock up on Fanta Orange PET 1,5 lt. x 1 from our digital shelves, placing it in your cart. We'll bring it home to you comfortably and you can store it in the pantry, in a cool, dry, clean and odor-free place, away from sunlight and heat sources. The 1.5-litre package allows for the administration of 6 250 ml glasses of orange soda. Each 250ml glass of Fanta orange soda contains 120 calories, giving 6% of the energy value in a varied diet of 2000 calories per day. Remember to throw the bottle separately, following the instructions of your municipality on separate collection and let the bottle continue its life cycle, in new forms.

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