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100% natural, made in Italy with homogeneous granules, the Conad Scented Absorbent Litter completely absorbs the cat's urine, effectively counteracting the spread of bad odours. Obtained with a careful selection of supplier companies and with rigorous additional checks, it is a product of excellent quality, on which you and your domestic feline can certainly count.

After about 15 days of continuous use, the absorbent litter requires maintenance, which consists in cleaning and sanitizing the container, and in the total removal of the entire contents of the tray. Once the washing and drying of the box has been completed, it will be filled with the new absorbent litter, taking care to guarantee the animal at least 4 cm of product.

If the correct maintenance of the litter box guarantees the animal an environment that is always fresh and hygienic, the daily removal of the excrements present with a perforated scoop helps greatly in achieving the above objective.

Among the Conad brand products for the care and hygiene of pets, the Scented Absorbent Litter for cats certainly could not be missing. Could it possibly be missing in your small or large pet corner?! Ultra-absorbent, not harmful to animals and people, our Absorbent Litter has a pleasant Citrus scent. Perfectly stored in the ecological paper bag with closing thread and with a capacity of 10 litres, it is also characterized by the excellent relationship between quality and price.

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