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Conad Piacersi Bars with Dark Chocolate are a light snack that helps you enjoy yourself more every day. Prepared with good and simple ingredients, they combine the nutritional qualities of cereals with all the intense pleasure of dark chocolate. Delicious and crunchy, they provide only 95 calories and are recommended for every moment of well-deserved relaxation. Precious source of fibres, they are enriched with added vitamins.

Among the Conad Piacersi proposals, the Rice and Whole Wheat Bars with Dark Chocolate could certainly not be missing. Could they possibly be missing in your pantry? Obtained with a careful selection of the manufacturing companies and with rigorous controls on the supply chain, they are also characterized by the excellent relationship between quality and price. The pack contains 6 individual packs, conveniently following you where you go.

To take a regenerating break, to start a slimming diet, to organize yourself if you spend a lot of time away from home, to treat yourself to a whim, to break the monotony of a long journey, to recharge after the gym or before returning to your desk, for a picnic , for the trip, for brunch and just in case, you can certainly count on the goodness and quality of the Conad Piacersi rice and whole wheat bars with dark chocolate.

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